Secure Identity Management Solution

Offering comprehensive digital Identity Management Solutions for a complete lifecycle such as Enrolment, AFIS/ABIS Integration, Application Processing, Personalization and Quality Control, Dispatching and Issuance and Post Issuance usage of Eid Cards and Digital Identities.

System Operation Flow
Product Info

We offer comprehensive digital identity management solutions for complete life-cycle. We have offered our solutions including public and private organizations. The system life-cycle of our solution offered from enrolment module, AFIS/ABIS Integration for verification and identification of enrolled users. The Application processing including data validation, data inspection and final approval modules. These modules processing applications and offers data integrity. The personalization and Quality control includes the card processing and check quality of processed cards from printers. The dispatch and Card issuance is when the cards are ready to be delivered and issued to applicants.

System Life-Cycle
  • Enrolment

The applicant registration, the biographic and biometric data captured using enrolment module in fixed and mobile applications.

  • AFIS/ABIS Integration

The biometric captured follows standards-based integration with AFIS or ABIS for avoiding and control duplication of data. The ABIS and AFIS used for identification and verification of applicants using fingerprint and facial.

  • Application Processing

The workflow and organization daily operation document scanning, assessment, background check and approval of the application submitted.

  • Personalization and Quality Control

The system integrated with personalization machines for surface printing of cards, including chip encoding where applicable, with biometric and secured data access control. Quality control software module for assessing and passing/rejecting of printed cards.

  • Dispatching and Issuance

The software modules created specifically for facilitating dispatching of identity cards produced after being checked by quality control. The software process, group bundles and destination with appropriate labels, dispatch and receiving or identity documents at destination issuance to respective candidate including biometric verification as applicable.

  • Post Issuance usage of Eid Cards and Digital Identities

The software solutions for effective benefiting from the use of electronic identification, online and offline. Typical usage includes identity verifications in government portals, eKYC, event registrations, loyalty schemes, service onboarding and the like.

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