This is an electronic solution for ‘Know Your Customer’ requirements in various institutions’. It simplifies the KYC process by leveraging on the National ID Card and System. It enables a user to collect client data and do fingerprint verification automatically via NIN against fingerprint or questionnaire from NIDA.

Stanbic Bank Gateway
Customer Registration
Product Info

It allows Stakeholders to Query and Verify applicant’s data Online and in Real-time with NIDA database by retrieving data from NIDA database to verify if customers are who they claim they are

Main Features
  • Customer verification ( via biometrics , questionnaire).
  • Dashboard & Reports.
  • Back-office portal for management.
  • Integrated with NIDA.
Key Benefits
  • It enables you access customer details from the National ID Card and system in few seconds.
  • Eliminates the need for many obsolete / unreliable support documentation.
  • Captures client details (Full name, Date of Birth, Address, Phone number and email) as well as photo, finger print and signature.
  • Verifies customer’s biometrics.
  • Automatically populates the retrieved data on any provided form.
  • Prints the forms populated with the customer data.
  • Can be integrated with third parties such as Core Banking system, SMS Gateways or other back-end systems.
  • Works both online and offline.
Our Clients
Habib Bank
Exim Bank
Banc ABC
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