CCTV and Access Control

We have more than 15 years’ experience in providing vast Physical Security Solutions and Services. The physical security framework is made up of two main components: access control and surveillance. The success of an organization’s physical security program can often be attributed to how well each of these components is implemented, improved and maintained.

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Access control
The key to maximizing one’s physical security measures is to limit and control what people have access to sites, facilities and materials. Access control encompasses the measures taken to limit exposure of certain assets to authorized personnel only. Examples of these corporate barriers often include Video Intercoms, Access Control and Time Attendance, Intruder Recognition and Control, Alarm System Solution, X-Ray and Baggage Scanners, Walk Through Metal Detector etc. However, these obstacles can vary greatly in terms of method, approach and cost.

This is one of the most important physical security components for both prevention and post-incident recovery. Surveillance, in this case, refers to the technology, personnel and resources that organizations use to monitor the activity of different real-world locations and facilities. These examples can include CCTV Surveillance Solution, Patrol Guards, Heat Sensors and Notification Systems. Through collaboration with different Vendors, we provide these solutions for different clients from SME to Large Enterprise clients, Private and Government Institutions.

  • Through CCTV Surveillance we provide protection of Perimeter, Buildings, Valuable materials and personnel.
  • Our security systems conduct Detection, Prevention and control 24/7, and they communicate at very high-speed as we use materials with very high standards.
  • With well monitored Support from our team no downtime for Client’s Security system.
  • Solutions we provide helps to improve communication with video intercoms.
  • Monitor your facilities anywhere, anytime and protect what matters most.
  • Control and manage access throughout your organization.
  • Enhance security by quickly identifying your employees and visitors.
  • Monitor incidents and keep your employees alerted before, during and after any critical event.
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