Remote IT Support

Remote IT Support is a way of delivering an IT service to clients without requiring an engineer on-site. It is the ability to remotely access and control devices anytime, anywhere using secure remote support software. The remote connection allows the technician to see the screen of the remote device on their screen in real-time, and in most cases be able to take control of the remote device to troubleshoot issues and perform other tasks.

Remote IT Support
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Remote support leverages remote access (or remote desktop) software to give the technician instant access to the remote device from anywhere, at any time. While in a remote session, the technician can take control of the device and perform whatever task is needed. They can install updates, resolve issues, and perform maintenance. Most remote support solutions come equipped with additional features that help IT pros be more productive while providing remote support. Examples include file transfer, remote print, chat, session recording, screen sharing, and more.

By being able to remotely access a device to provide support, IT support teams, help desks, and managed service providers can resolve support tickets quicker. This means they can save time and get more done throughout the day. End-users receiving support enjoy faster service which leads to increased satisfaction.

  • Low Operating Costs
    One of the most significant benefits of getting remote IT support is reduced costs. Remote IT support doesn’t have the additional costs that are included with on-site visits, such as fees for travel expenses and emergency on-site booking assistance fees. Since remote IT support is less expensive than on-site support, it is a more cost-efficient alternative and a better option for any kind of business that has a minimal budget.
  • Fast response times
    You can receive IT support from the moment an IT support technician receives your phone call or support request. Remote IT support can offer much faster response times since you don’t need to book an appointment with an IT technician to come to your office. When you partner with a managed IT services provider, you can easily reach out to them to quickly and efficiently resolve any technical issues that arise – from fixing network connectivity challenges to computer problems and more.
  • Increased Knowledge Sharing
    When IT technician works on repairing IT systems on-site, they will usually do so solo. However, with remote technical support, users in your company can be guided through each step of repair or maintenance. So, how would this be a benefit of remote IT tech support service? By being involved in the problem-solving process, your staff will be more likely to acquire an important skill and will have the ability to fix some issues themselves moving forward.
  • Accelerated business growth
    The ambition of every business owner is growth, growth. But many are held back by clunky traditional workplaces. When a team is supported remotely, it frees up time for business owners to reach objectives faster and set even bigger goals. Many remote IT service providers will align with your unique requirements and business strategy. When you are reassured that IT issues are resolved without delay.
  • 24/7 IT Support
    If your business’s computers are turned on and connected to the internet and you managed IT service provider has been granted permission to remotely access your network or computers – then technicians can conduct procedures such as upgrades and troubleshooting, any time of day or night.
  • Improved Productivity
    At some point, most businesses face common IT issues that leave a negative impact on productivity. With remote IT services, businesses can resolve obstacles and continue operations smoothly. Remote IT services have become an efficient way for businesses to troubleshoot issues, decrease downtime, and focus on essential tasks without disruptions.