Onsite IT Staff

Technology is continuing to rapidly transform with new standards, product offerings and services emerging seemingly every day. This, in turn, is changing the ways businesses operate and handle day-to-day IT maintenance. Whether you are supporting remote offices or multiple branch locations, the expertise of a local technician can go a long way in solving IT issues and increasing end user satisfaction.

There are a few ways in which organizations can remedy the challenge of keeping up with the latest IT trends and technologies, but perhaps the easiest and most efficient way is by outsourcing your IT and transitioning to onsite IT Staff.

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What exactly is onsite IT Staff? Simply put, it is a managed IT service provider that has an existing network of technicians that can support localized IT challenges and helps manage different areas of an organization’s IT solution, including break/fix support, assistance with special IT projects, cabling, and more.
There are several benefits to outsourcing some or all of your IT solution, and in this blog post, we will cover the top four advantages of onsite IT staff and how it can help your business succeed.

  • Improve Efficiency
    There are several options when it comes to onsite IT staff and most managed service providers give you the flexibility to choose which services are best for your specific IT goals. For example, if you are needing assistance with setting up a new office location, on-demand dispatch – where an IT resource is dispatched for a set amount of time or for a specific project – would be a good option, whereas if you need extensive IT support multiple times a week, recurring onsite services would be a better fit.
    A huge benefit of onsite IT staff is its ability to provide hands-off IT management for an organization. Businesses that conduct their IT in-house often run into issues that are time-consuming to resolve, keeping resources juggling business functions and IT concerns and leading to decreased productivity.
    By leveraging onsite IT staff from a trusted IT service provider, non-technical employees don’t have to worry about technical tasks and internal resources can drive business by focusing on revenue-generating initiatives for their company – all while IT maintenance and projects are being handled.
  • Control Costs
    Another advantage of onsite IT staff is its ability to provide endless cost-saving benefits, perhaps the biggest being able to save travel expenses and overhead costs by utilizing an on-demand network managed by the MSP.
    In some cases, businesses can save up to 50% on travel expenses. By taking advantage of your IT provider’s network of technicians, you will not have to spend time and money sending core members of your IT team to remote locations.
    Some IT service providers even offer no long-term contracts for onsite services, letting you try their technicians before you make a longstanding commitment. This is ideal if you are needing IT assistance but do not have the budget for a full-time hire.
  • Quick Resolution of IT Issues
    When your business is experiencing technical issues and outages, it is imperative they are fixed as soon as possible to minimize downtime, and consequently, profitability for your organization. Depending on the IT service provider’s dispatch process, local resources can be on their way to your location within 24 hours or less, ready to tackle your issues.
    By contracting onsite IT services through a reputable service provider, you can rest assured you will be getting knowledgeable and professional technicians that have experience troubleshooting and resolving a wide variety of IT problems. Chances are, your issues are something they’ve dealt with numerous times, so they will be able to take an experience-based approach to your problem.
    Typically, IT service providers have the capacity to dispatch multiple technicians at a single time, resolving issues at numerous locations simultaneously. This is far more efficient than internal IT resources traveling from location to location to complete the work.
  • Consistent Support
    Additional benefits of onsite IT staff include helping your organization streamline and standardize technical processes. Not only will this improve productivity for your end users, but it will help ease the burden on your internal IT team.
    When it comes to selecting an IT partner, it is important to choose a company that has proven methodologies and documented processes relating to their onsite staff capabilities. One example of this is the service provider having a thorough and regulated dispatch procedure. This will ensure they can take complete ownership and be a partner that provides their customers with consistent staff.
    Furthermore, garnering IT staff from a single point of contact will allow the company and its technicians to become familiar with your site, including the people, infrastructure, and history of technical setbacks. This knowledge will lead to consistent levels of support and a prompter resolution of your IT issues.