SoftVMS – Digital Visitor Log book

SoftNet visitor management system (SOFTVMS) is a solution that allows organizations to streamline and automate their visitor management process, using technology to monitor, track, and record visitor information. It combines technology, security, communication and analytics. Without changing, much in your workflow or adding more processes and headaches to your daily tasks at work. VMS is designed to be flexible, simple to use, and improve the productivity and security of your office/building.

VMS Dashboard
VMS on different devices
Product Info

It is used to sign in and track everyone who gets in and out of your premises. The software is designed as an electronic version of the visitor sign-in sheet or visitor log book that is commonly used at many facilities. Visitor management systems (VMS) make the visitor Sign-in/sign-out process more efficient and provide an improved ability to track visitors. It records Visitor’s details, with accurate Time IN and Time Out and can print visitor’s Pass. SoftVMS can automatically read visitor details from the wide variety of identity cards.

Main Features
  • Android Based Application
  • Works Off-line / Network
  • Captures basic visitor details
  • Captures / Input Host details
  • OCR Card Scan
  • NFC Card Scan (e.g. ZANID)
  • Facial Scan (Verification / Identification of visitor)
  • Captures Visitor Signature
  • Captures / Scan Visitor Fingerprint (Optional)
  • Captures Visitor photo
  • Digital visitor check-in/check-out (Facial)
  • Displays the total number of visitors
  • Real-time visitor logs
  • Sort, filter, and export basic visitor report
  • Generate and Share Reports via WhatsApp,
    Bluetooth, Email
  • Setting & Configuration of all dropdown list items
  • Better Visibility
    The SOFTVMS is a well-structured solution to keep track of the visitors. It is easy and possible to identify and track individuals in the building. The SOFTVMS made this possible by identifying each registered visitor; reception staff is able to identify visitors easily. You can also keep track of ongoing visitor activities and study visitor patterns.
  • Improved Security
    Enhanced safety is one of the most important benefits of a softVMS. It is vital for any organization, company or workplace to be aware of everything that goes on within the premises. The ability to identify visitors allows staff to be prepared for any unwanted circumstance.
  • Enhanced Brand Image
    The integration of technology within has become an essential part of a modern working environment. The presence of a visitor management system can give a technologically minded visitor a positive first impression of the company.
  • Reduced Overheads
    One of the primary benefits of our SoftVMS is the way in which enhanced productivity and efficiency lead to reduced costs.
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