EQMS – Electronic Queue Management System

Queue Management System brings delight and happiness to your waiting customers at halls or service area by managing queues . It enables fairness of service by making sure that customer who comes first gets serviced first. The power of this system lies in the fact that the system automatically routes customers to their desired destination in the shortest possible time. The result is that each individual entering the system workflow is served fairly and efficiently without needing to ask questions or move around different queues.

Product Info

The electronic queue management system is a set of hardware and sub-systems that manages customers’ flow, waiting time and enhances customers’ experience. It is extremely useful in places such as banks, hospitals, embassies, airports, immigration centers, private hospitals, etc. where people have to wait in line to get a service.

  • Ticket Allocation.
  • Ticket Printing.
  • Ticket Calling via speakers.
  • Reports & Dashboard.
  • Service Configuration.
  • Ticket Transfer.
  • Display of tickets being served , next ticket.
  • Bi-lingual ( English , Swahili)
Key Benefits
  • Proper Access on service Area – Many companies got great client satisfaction level and easily observe which service station is open or which queue is underutilized in order to keep the line moving.
  • Easy Customer Management – Gives the importance to retail industry customer service ensuring the queuing experience doesn’t negatively impact.
  • Manpower Planning – Provides relevant data about customer number and waiting time.
  • High Satisfaction Level – Keep the customer happy and satisfied, you also assure that the client holds to your brand only.
  • Less Waiting Time – One can reduce almost 50% waiting time in standing long queue.
  • Entertainment – Customers can be entertained through TV streaming or recorded clips on the same central display.
  • Easier Tracking – Management can track performance of each staff and branch through live and historical reports.
  • Source of advertisement – You can advertise your products to your customers sitting comfortably in the halls.
  • Quick Solutions – Managers or supervisors can take quick actions to resolve issues on live monitoring.
  • Less Interference – Customers can be forwarded to the next service area/office on the same sequence without interference.
  • Language Selection –Customer can select the language of their preference before being served.
Our Clients
Aga Khan Hospital
Bugando Medical Centre