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Onsite IT Staff

We provide On-site IT as per qualification and experience as reqiured by the customer. The Customer is responsible with the staff physical allocation and working facilities on the Customer’s premises, task assignments and also managing their performance but also sharing feedback on a timely basis.
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Onsite Managed IT Staff

Normally when there is large numbber of staff, say from 10 and above there is a need for an onsite manager to track their daily attendance, performance, leave, sickness and replacement in case of absence; and other related matters.
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Remote IT Support

This option may involve services over the phone, remote access and/or site visit on demand without having our IT support staff regularly at the customer’s premises. We agree on specific response and resolution time (Service Levele Agreement – SLA) that we must meet for all the service that we provide.
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On Call Support

Here a customer is supported based on calls that he makes to request for services, it may involve our staff to physically visit the client site or just attend the issues by logging in remotely or just over the telephone or via remote access
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