On June 26th  a videoconference was held, in which the initiators of the formation of two new associations which aim at developing a mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and the African continent participated. These are:  the  "Russia - Africa" Association, founders of which are the M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University and such large Russian business conglomerates as Gazprombank, Rosatom, Alrosa, Innopraktika and Russian Seasons, as well as the “Tanzania-Russia Friendship Society”, registration of which is currently being processed by senior officers  of the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, graduates of Russian universities and representatives of several Tanzanian companies. The society is being established with the support of the Embassy of Russia and the Representative Office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Tanzania.

 The main issues that the on-line conference focused on are - strengthening the position of Russian language and promoting Russian education in Tanzania, implementing joint-venture projects in such sectors as trade, industry and investment, which, just at first glance may seem far-fetched. Russian economic projects in Africa evoke interest in studying Russian language and in Russian education in general. The presence, in countries of the continent, of citizens who speak Russian and who had been educated in Russia, is a highly desirable factor for successful promotion of Russian business.

 Warm greetings to the participants of the conference were aired by Mr. V.I. Tolstoy, President of MAPRYAL, on behalf of the advisor to the President of the Russian Federation. The vice-rector of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Mr. T.V. Kortava and the Councilor of the Russian Embassy in Tanzania and Head of the Representative Office of Rossotrudnichestvo Mrs. M.V. Pateeva also addressed the on-line forum with a call for a productive engagement. On the Tanzanian side, the Ambassador of Tanzania in Moscow, Hon. S.M. Mumwi and the President of the Chamber of Commerce Mr.P.F.Koyi wished the videoconference a plausible success.

The Vice-Rector of  M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University- Mr.Yu.A.Mazey, Vice-Rector and Vice President of Gazprombank- Mr.A.V.Serov, Vice President of “Rusatom  Overseas” Company- Mr.A.V.Moskvin, the Chairperson of the Moscow Students’ Union-Ms.E.I.Zimakova, the Deputy Director of the Institute of Russian Language and Culture-Mr.V.V.Chastnykh, the Deputy General Director of Innopraktika- Mr.N.V.Popova, the Director of the Gazprombank Centre for Analytical Research-Mr.E.A.Tatarintsev, the Head of the Department for International Cooperation of “Alrosa” Company- Mr.P.O.Karakchiev, expressed their vision of the path to achieving the goals and objectives of the “Russia-Africa” Association.

conference room

Russian-Tanzanian Forum on-line

Tanzanian Chamber of Commerce-Mr. George Langeju, the Chairman of the Association of Oil and Gas Service Providers of Tanzania-Hon. Abdulsamad Abdulrahim, the General Manager of Vertex Capital- Mr. E. Karamagi, the Head of  Department of the Country’s Largest Financial Institution - CRDB Bank Plc.- Mr.J.E. Nangi , one of the leaders of the largest importers and distributors of oil products  “Oilcom Group” Holdings- Mr.Salim Nahdi, the Executive Director of  IntEx Group Holdings- Mr.Christos Saprapasen and others.

At the end of the forum, the participants listened to good parting words from graduates of Russian universities from around the world. And the most emotional words came from the president of the association of national unions of foreign students in Russia – Mr.A.G. Kochofi.

 Direct contacts have been established between interested business entities of both sides and the next steps for moving towards the desired goal have been outlined. And in the near future, in the format of a video conference, a special seminar will be held for Russian scholars at the Moscow State University and teachers of Russian language to foreigners in East Africa - Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and others. The Representative Office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Tanzania will bear responsibility for guaranteeing participation of the "African" side in this project.

 A separate video conference dedicated to Russian-Tanzanian cooperation in the field of tourism is scheduled for July. In recent years, Tanzania has become a popular tourist destination for Russians and so the leaders of travel agencies of the two countries have something to discuss in order to expand and develop this business.