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To Our Valued Customers

In light of the uncertainty we facing with all other human being in the world of coronavirus (COVID-19) that continues to spread across the globe, we are deeply concerned about its effect on our clients and staff.

Meanwhile for now, our office remains open with minimum staff to serve our customers and we have taken the following steps to try deal with this pandemic:

1. We have ensured that we comply with health guidelines and regulations as set out by our Health Ministry and WHO such as:
     a. Ensure our office premise is always properly sanitized
     b. Making sure all visitors coming to our office take temperature test and wash hands through running water and soap
     c. At our main doors we have installed sanitizers
2. We have established facilities for our call centre staff to be able to receive calls from home.
3. We have split our staff team to work from two different locations in Dar es salaam.
4. Travel bans both domestic and international to all our employees.

Mandatory sick leave from office should anyone report feeling unwell and support for any employee requiring to self- quarantine Should we deem necessary at any stage in the future that we have close the office we shall remain reachable through the following channels:

     i. Mobile numbers 0779786163 and 0753444442
     ii. Email

As the situation evolves, we shall continue to keep you informed of any further measures we may have to take as we continue to remain vigilant and responsible. We wish you and all your families good health and safety.

                                                                                                 WHO                                         Goverment