Data centers house the processes, technologies and tools needed to ensure organizational data is always accessible 24x7 and at the required throughput. To achieve this, careful planning, designing, implementation, testing and support of data center installations must by handled by professionals who possess a proven track record in delivering such solutions.

With data centers, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all. Hence, we strive to gain an in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs and from this knowledge flows the design concepts that form the basis of each data center we build.

Thanks to our highly trained and professional staff, we are able to do, in-house, the end-to-end processes involved up to the commissioning of a data center, viz:

     1. Site Selection, assessment and planning

     2. Data Center Architecture design and planning

     3. Raised floor installation, wall and ceiling treatment

     4. IT Equipment selection, delivery and installation

     5. Data Center electrical, plumbing and HVAC installation

     6. Emergency power generation for mission-critical equipment and systems

     7. Fire suppression system installation

     8. Security CCTV and Access Control

     9. Operations and maintenance


Telephony Solutions and Products
Effective and affordable communication and collaboration is a must for today’s organizations to thrive. We at SoftNet know that telephony solutions should be able to address today’s business complexities like global operations, mobile workforce, information overload, budget constraints e.t.c. Using telephony technology from global technology leaders like Cisco, Huawei, Panasonic, Digium and Xorcom, we are able to deliver and support robust telephony systems tailored to our clients specific needs.

PaBX and Unified Communication
In addition to the standard telephone number and email address, unified communication offers Chat, Video, Voice, Data, Mobility, Directory and Prescience features that simplify the process of communication and hence optimizes business procedures and boost human communication.

IP Telephony
By going the way of the IP Phone/integrating voice into their network, our clients are able to realize cost savings on their telecommunications service charges and a decrease in the costs typically associated with telephony.

Advantages usually enjoyed by clients who switch to IP-based telephone systems include: cost savings over the traditional PBX due to the easy adding of additional phone lines, elimination of telephone wires and the associated trunking, providing secure, reliable, scalable communication that takes advantage of the existing LAN and WAN infrastructure.

Call Center Solutions
Maintaining a clear communication channel with clients is critical to the long-term success of any business. Customer loyalty to an organization is directly proportional to the quality of communication that exists between the business and its customers. We assist our clients forge strong communication links with their customers by providing call center solutions that assist organizations get closer to those they serve.

In developing Call Center Systems, we base our solutions on the Aheeva Asterisk Contact Center solution which offers a powerful tool for building call center systems, and include everything you need to create a state-of-the-art call center, such as support for call queues, recording, outbound, IVRs, live monitoring and reporting. The Asterisk Contact Center Solution also offers flexibility in the event that there is a need to scale as the business grows.


Networks provide the backbone of the day to day business communication and collaboration. Even the best ICT equipment will fail if the underlying network infrastructure is not sound.

We have a rich experience in:

  • Structured Cabling
  • Routing and Switching
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Network Security solutions

Our vast experience in both the active and passive components of the IP Network offers us the ability to provide a wealth of solutions ranging from wired, fiber optics, wireless and hybrid networks that support triple play i.e data, voice and video.

We have had hands-on experience in delivering cost-effective network setups for Corporate, SMEs, Banks, Telecoms, Government and Higher Learning Institutions, with the scale of work ranging from industrial-size networks, multi-storey office buildings, Single floor units, remote office/branches to small home and office networks.

Our services include: LAN/WAN design, installations, upgrades, migrations, support and relocation services, Voice/Data/Video cabling installations (CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, Multimode and single mode fiber), Remote Office Connectivity design and Installation, Router and Switch design, configuration and implementation, Integrating new and legacy systems among others.

Network Management Tools
We are specialized in providing both hardware and software solutions for network administration and monitoring both for LAN and WAN. We have rich experience in providing effective solutions that make sure that customer gets good return on investment in full range of triple play traffic (data, voice, and video) with tools that can give best results in:

  • Monitoring Network Performance
  • Analyzing bandwidth usage trends and planning your network capacity
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting VOIP quality of service
  • Automating network configuration management
  • Improving application availability through WAN optimization
  • Real time protection from blended threats that include virus, spam, malware, phishing, pharming
  • Identity based visibility and Security

We have partnership with the following product manufacturers in providing traffic management solution.

  • Bluecoat
  • Manage Engine
  • Cisco
  • Cyberoam


Customer Management Solutions
Customer experience that goes beyond a customer’s expectations creates good customer service. With the current market place being rampant with copy-cat competition, businesses are turning to more subtle means of enhancing the way they do business and hence help them remain relevant in today’s marketplace. Technology-backed customer service management will go a long way in helping organizations retain their customers and expand their client base

Electronic Queue Management Systems
Take your customer flow management to a whole new level using our electronic queue management solutions.Our queue management solution is designed to help you create a service delivery environment where customers can enjoy a memorable experience resulting into the highest level of customer satisfaction, consequently, increasing customer loyalty to your brand. This solution is ideal for organizations that encounter customer flow at their premises e.g. banks, hospitals, embassies, Telecom Service Centers, Government Institutions, and Retail Outlets among others.

The queue management solution we offer is equipped with both video and audio components which offer high flexibility in terms of language selection and media content management. This will allow in-store promotions and better customer management, hence leaving your clients delighted, empowering your employees and keep management up-to-date on customer service levels.

Our queue management solution is ideal for eliminating waiting-area problems such as:
     1. Unorganized waiting areas
     2. Very long and slow-moving customer queues
     3. Increased employee idle time
     4. Frustrated customers due to unfair service
     5. Lack of the ability to offer unique customer experience
     6. Lack of service performance monitoring.

We also offer other technological solutions that enhance Customer Service experience like:
     1. Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)
     2. Customer Feedback System (CFS)


Outsourced IT Support and Preventive Maintenance
The operational efficiency of an organization's IT infrastructure depends much on the quality of IT Support they receive. The size of some organizations may make it uneconomical for them to have an in-house IT Department to support them while on the other hand, some organizations are huge to the extent that managing their in-house IT Support as well as doing their core business becomes cumbersome.

With a presence in more than 10 regions in the country and having a staff that is fully certified in supporting business IT needs has placed us at a natural position to be able to provide full IT support to organizations across business verticals like banking, government institutions, manufacturing, telecommunications and health institutions to name just a few.

The advantages of outsourcing IT Support services to SoftNet include:

  • Reduction in operating overhead due to a decrease in staff salaries and statutory payments, office space, equipment purchase, training needs and other costs that will be effectively borne by the Service Provider through economies of scale.
  • Access to a wider pool of ICT expertise at a lower cost.
  • Increased efficiency in service delivery.
  • Easy upward or downward scalability of IT Support services with no impact on payroll costs.
  • Predictability of ICT Support costs due to relatively fixed rates over time.
  • Guaranteed support with standby coverage during sickness, leave e.t.c

Our customers have a choice of among three ICT Support Models:
     1. Onsite Outsourced IT Support
     2. Contractual SLA - based IT support
     3. Preventive Maintenance


Hardware and Software Solutions
When it comes to the installation, configuration and commissioning of new hardware and software systems, experience and a proven track record counts. From needs analysis to installation and integration with the existing systems everything needs be flawless. Missteps are costly and doing it right the first time has always been our way of doing business.

We are certified by the Vendors whose products we install and support. Our Certifications and Partnerships include:

  • Cisco Premier Certified Partner.

        - SMB Partner
        - Advanced Routing and Switching Partner
        - Express Unified Communication Partner

  • Microsoft Certified Gold Partner.
  • HP Gold Partner.
  • Dell Registered Partner.
  • Huawei Gold Partner.
  • APC Registered Partner.
  • Cyberoam Authorized Partner.
  • Kaspersky Authorized Reseller.
  • EMC Velocity Partner.
  • VMware Solution Provider – Professional.

We are registered with internal and external regulatory boards. This means we meet and maintain the required standards and we uphold their ethics and regulations. These bodies include:

  • ISO 9001:2008.
  • The Contractors Registration Board as a Class One Specialist Contractor in Telecommunications, ICT and Security Systems.
  •  Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority License in Installation and Maintenance of Electronic and Communication Equipment.

Systems we install and support include but are not limited to:
     1. Servers, Desktops and Laptops
     2. Antivirus and other Security Solutions
     3. Power Backup Systems
     4. Directory Services and Messaging Solutions








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